Wood Cars - Love Bugs

Wood Cars – Crafting Love Bugs

Wood cars are a quintessential toy and our Love Bugs are Reed Silk Studio’s most popular style.
Children and grown-ups alike are drawn to them instantly. We are often asked about our process so we snapped a few photographs to share!

Grandfather and granddaughter oiling wood wheels for Love Bugs.

Grandfather and granddaughter oiling wood wheels for Love Bugs.

Our best-selling wood cars are handcrafted in Baltimore, Maryland, by Bill Cooper who has been a woodworker for nearly forty years. Our Love Bugs are beautiful, timeless toys of heirloom quality made of solid maple wood and finished with natural mineral oil. We also sell Love Bugs that have been stained in jewel tone colors with food grade dyes then sealed in a beeswax and sunflower oil polish.
The following are some photos of our Love Bugs in process showing how a block of wood becomes a toy!

The round window on these wood cars makes them super easy to grip for the littles, their classic design makes them a toy loved by children for years. Our test drivers (one of whom is pictured above at her Poppa’s workbench) like to use sidewalk chalk to draw a huge town & countryside on the driveway, then drive our cars through the town! It is a wonderful activity that keeps them happy and creative for hours!

Wood Cars & Sidewalk Chalk

Love Bugs parked in their sidewalk chalk town

Wood Cars & Chalk Town

All the kids in the neighborhood converge to draw a town when we bring our wood cars outside!

Simple toys for creative children!

Purchase a Love Bug and open up a little one’s world of play!