Reed Silk Studio is a family shop that carries artisan made toys for naturally minded families.  We create playsilks hand-dyed by Kate and wood cars and teethers handcrafted by her father, Bill.  Inspired by our children and our own childhoods, we pour love into our work and hope to inspire your children in creative play!


Kate Kolbe, Artisan

Kate Kolbe has been painting silk for 20 years. Having had a taste of the beauty of painting on silk in a workshop in high school, Kate pursued her interest at Drexel University, where she majored in Fashion Design. Kate would often paint her own fabrics, then sew them into garments for school projects, including a five piece evening gown collection. After college, Kate painted and sold ladies’ scarves and men’s neckties. When her first daughter was born, she decided to dye a few playsilks for her in various sizes. Friends started ordering for themselves and their friends, and a beloved hobby soon gave life to a business!



Our toys are all handmade in the USA from non-toxic materials.

Below is a video of Kate discussing why we love what we do and why we feel it is important.

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