Totally Teal Playsilk
Totally Teal PlaysilkTotally Teal PlaysilkTotallyTeal

Totally Teal Playsilk


This playsilk is dyed a perfect blend of blues and greens known as teal.  The movement of colors create areas of deep color saturation that look midnight blue, as well as brighter areas that look emerald green.

All Totally Teal playsilks are part of the same batch, but as the dyes have an imagination all their own, each piece is indeed unique.


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Product Description

Totally Teal Playsilk

A classic Waldorf toy, playsilks inspire creative play and are a joy to the senses of touch and sight.  Children often use them to create costumes, as props in imaginative play, as landscape components when building with blocks or playing with dolls – the possibilities are endless!

Sizes Available:  Medium 21″ x 21″ and Large 35″ x 35″

Materials: 100% silk habotai dyed by hand in non-toxic, USA made dyes.

Care:  Hand washing and line drying will keep playsilk colors vibrant.  These are toys, though, and sometimes toys need a good, strong cleaning, so go ahead and throw them in the washer and dryer on occasion.

To learn more about our dye process, swing by our Crafters page!


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