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Wood & Silk Ribbon Wands


There is magic to be conducted!

Our Wood & Silk Ribbon Wands consist of a wood stem about 11″ in length topped with a 2″ tall, five-point star and four trailing hand-painted silk ribbons.  The star is dyed a cranberry pink with food grade dyes and the four trailing ribbons are 5″-8″ in green and blues hand dyed silks.  Ribbon colors, weights and textures vary.

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Product Description

Wood & Silk Ribbon Wands!

Have a little pixie dust to sprinkle?  A spell to cast?  Merriment and magic are sure to be had when a fanciful wand is at play!

Size:  11″ stem topped with a 2″ five-point star and four trailing silk ribbons 5″-8″ in length.

Materials: 100% silk ribbons dyed by hand in non-toxic, USA made dyes; wood wand stem and star, dyed cranberry pink with food grade dyes.

Care:  This is a delicate toy, try not to let it get smashed or dirty as it will not take kindly to a washer and dryer!

To learn more about our dye process, swing by our Crafters page!

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Red Star Wand

Green-Blue Ribbons


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